West Backwell Bowls Club

a thriving outdoor bowls club based in the heart of North Somerset, West Town Road, Backwell.

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Dates for 2019

Dates for your diary below. Dates for 2020 will be decided at the 2019 AGM.
  • Green Opening Roll Up
    Sun. 14th April 2:30pm
  • Open Days
    Sat 27th April 10:30am
  • Open Days
    Sun 28th April 1:00pm
  • Portugese Evening
    Sat 18th May
  • Casino Night
    Sat 15th June
  • Strawberry Tea
    Mon 15th July
  • Summer BBQ
    Sat 10th August
  • Fish and Chip Supper
    Fri 6th September
  • Finals Weekend
    Sat/Sun 7/8th Sept
  • Presentation Evening
    Sat. 19th October
  • 2019 AGM
    Tues. 12th November
  • Holly and Mistletoe
    December TBD


West Backwell Bowls club is a well established club and currently has nearly 100 members playing outdoors on a regular basis.


The game of bowls has a long history and records from 1299AD show that it was already well established in England then. There is a famous story from 1588 when Sir Frances Drake is said to have continued his game of bowls as the Armada approached with the words “we still have time to finish the game and to thrash the Spaniards, too.”

Why play?

Outdoor (or indoor) bowls is a sport for all ages and abilities. Many people do enjoy the game during retirement, but there are also younger players from early teens to those who have to rush away from work on a regular basis to get to a game on time. The aim of the game is simple. Get your bowls as close as possible to a small white ball called the 'jack'.

A challenge

It might sound easy, but the fact that the bowls do not travel in a straight line seriously adds to the tactical challenge. The bowls are not quite round and have an in-built bias. As the bowl slows, it begins to roll in the direction of the bias. Bowlers will therefore change the side of the bias, depending on the direction in which they want the bowl to curve.

Join Us

At West Backwell we play in 5 leagues, so there's plenty of chances to have a game.


We play from late April to early September and we are always looking for new or experienced players to join our teams. In addition to playing in 5 leagues, we have a number of great ways for new bowlers to gain experience, including Monday night mixed triples, regular mixed friendlies, and Friday night club nights

Have a go

If you would like to find out more, learn how to play the game or meet some members of the club, then we invite anyone to join us on a Friday evening at 6:30pm. There is no dress code and we will provide bowls for new players to have a go with.

Make friends and improve

Outdoor there are several different versions of the game, played with 2, 3 or 4 bowls. The game may be played as singles or pairs (mostly competition games), triples or fours. We have a number of qualified coaches who regularly make themselves available to both new an experienced bowlers looking to improve their game.


A great chance to socialise alongside a new hobby


West Backwell offers members full use of the clubhouse and bar. After games and club sessions many members will stay for a drink and to socialise.


Throughout the season we host a number of social events, roughly one per month. These include a BBQ, fish and chips evening and awards dinner.


Each year we host a number of internal competitions. For a number of these teams are randomly drawn, so its a great chance to get to know everyone.


Want to come have a go? Then get in touch:

Ian Wilson, Secretary

Please leave us a message if we don't pickup
0800 0835 198

West Backwell Bowls Club, West Town Road, Backwell, North Somerset, BS48 3HQ